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Welcome to Simply Natural!

In the Summer of 2012, in an effort to save money and become more health conscious, I started creating my own hair, body, and skin care products.

After many months of trial and error, searching for products that would give my skin and locs the moisture, shine, and protection that they need, I started doing my own research and found that most of what I needed was right in my very own kitchen cabinets.

By the end of that winter, once I noticed how my conditioning mist kept both my daughters' locs growing so beautifully, and looking and feeling so soft and healthy, I knew that I had made the right move in creating a product that was a better alternative to all the chemical ingredients found in most everyday hair and skincare lines.

I was so inspired by the improvement that I saw in our hair, I just couldn't stop there! After learning about the benefits of natural and essential oils for the skin/body, I started experimenting with oils and butters. I gave a few samples to some of my natural hair clients and the response was overwhelmingly positive.

After a few rounds of experimentation, I finally found a combination that made me look good, feel smooth, and smell great all over! I'm now sharing with you what has helped me, my family, and many others. I proudly present...Simply Natural.

Our Mission

The mission of Simply Natural is to promote and provide natural hair and body care for women, men, and children of all ages. These products are consciously created to nourish the hair and skin in a healthier and natural way.

 Nneka "Nikki" Searcy

~ Creator-Mentor-Motivator ~


Born and raised in a city that fostered her entrepreneurial spirit, Nikki relocated from Boston to Atlanta, where she has been provided with opportunities to showcase her many gifts and talents.  Over the course of eight years, she has been working diligently to create, develop, and expand
not just one, but three of her own businesses.


As she strives to live her life's motto,
"Free To Be Me", Nikki's
SOUL purpose is to
help guide others who desire to begin their own journey on the path of helathy living, happiness, and wholeness.  Nikki is a teacher who takes a
"lead by example" approach by sharing what she
practices in her everyday life.


Through her products, natural hair care services, mentoring sessions, Soca dance fitness classes, and even through her day-to-day interactions while mixing drinks at the bar, Nikki is constantly sharing with others what it means to feed and nurture the mind, body, and spirit
in a simple, natural and loving way.


* Owner and Creator of Simply Natural


* Dance/Fitness Teacher for Sexy Spicy Soca Jam


* Creator and Motivational Mentor ~
Fit & Fabulous Focus Group


* Owner of Liberating Libations -
Certified Bartender/Master Mixologist

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