Simply Natural Fragrances

We Make Perfect Scents...


All of our fragrances are custom combinations that ensure a unique and flavorful aroma. Each is strong enough to stand alone but also light enough to blend with your favorite perfume or body oil.

Find Your Peace

Return to your “ZEN” space with the intoxicating aroma of jasmine, strawberry,and pomegranate with a swirl of creamy vanilla…a sweet reminder of the Divine Conscious Spirit that dwells within. Namaste.

Just So Fresh


That “fresh out the shower and ready to start your day” smell. Like fresh soap – crisp, clean, and smells good all over.


A wonderful blend of sweet mango and creamy coconut with a hint of vanilla…reminiscent of a warm, sunny day in paradise.

Reminisce on a Spell


A unique combination of essential oils blended with hints of light musk and amber.  It’s smooth. It's sultry. It’s inviting.
It’s almost like you can’t get enough.

Natural Mystic


Throw on this earthy scent with hints of buttery mango, vanilla and almond for the perfect balance of mind, body, and spirit.


A bold and juicy blend of luscious tropical fruit. A big burst of sweet deliciousness that will put you in mind of candy...good enough to want to eat (but please don't)!!

Tropical Sunrise

Enjoy the uplifting effects of tangy citrus, while basking in the sweetness of succulent guava and fresh pineapple.  Topped with a touch of creamy peach nectar, this blend is the perfect perk to boose your spirit.

Natural Scent


Natural scent of butters and oils contain no additional fragrances.  They are a pure combination of natural aromas from the shea butter and coconut oil.

N-R-G (Energy)


An intimate blend of smooth and sexy, ground yourself in the elements of Frankincense, Myrrh, Patchouli, Sandalwood, and Sweet Vetiver.

Esssential Oils:

Camphor ~ Chamomile ~ Citronella ~ Clary Sage ~ Clove Bud ~ Eucalyptus ~ Frankincense
                Ginger Root ~ Grapefruit
~ Lavender~ Lemon ~ Lemongrass ~ Lime ~ Myrrh ~
~ Patchouli ~ Peppermint ~ Rosemary ~ Tea Tree


“Please check out these products! Great Stuff! Prices are perfect, great customer service, and you get your order quick!”

- Y. Z.

I need everything!! In BIGGER sizes!! Thank you so much for these wonderful products.

                                                      - S. S.

"I am a self professed product junkie. I have used all kinds of "natural products, but NONE work like these.  There is an energy in them that cannot be explained, I just feel great when I use them.  I'm addicted...and all my other products are going in the trash."

                                                                                                                                   - M.P.


“My locs were thinning badly and I was moments away from calling my barber...but then I called Nikki and ordered a package.  In less than a month, my locs are growing back thick and healthy!”

                                                         - A. D.

"I order 2 of everything so that I never run out!

 -  T.D.


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