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                Sexy Spicy Soca Jam!

Sexy Spicy Soca Jam© is not your average aerobics class.

SSSJ is an energetic, medium to high intensity, calorie burning

dance fitness workshop that focuses on building your core,

strengthening & toning your body, and nourishing your SPIRIT

….all while grooving to the captivating sounds from the Caribbean. 



                                         Taught by Creator, Mentor & Motivator, Nikki Searcy-Lamisere,
                                        this workshop has been designed with a BETTER YOU in mind!!
                                        It's a time for participants to come together, smile, laugh, move, and
                                        most of all, ENJOY yourself…as we work towards
                                        being fit not only on the OUTSIDE, but on
                                        the INSIDE as well.    


                                        FEEL FREE to just be yourself as you will be openly
                                       encouragedto express yourself while we roll our 

                                        waistlines in this super “soca-therapy” session!!


The inspiration behind SEXY SPICY SOCA JAM! comes from a personal testimony of weight loss, self discovery, and fulfilling a purpose.  As you take steps to begin your journey, and enhance your current routine, this time will challenge you to explore:                 

     - Who am I??                 

     - What are my goals and dreams??                 

     - What is my purpose in life??                 

     - What efforts am I taking to ensure that I am the BEST me
       I can possibly be so that I can care for myself, my loved ones,
       and the rest of world around me?               

     - How do I create a lifestyle that nourishes, heals, and protects...
                                       body, mind, AND spirit???



                                               If you're ready to get and stay FIT and FABULOUS for LIFE....
                                                                    this is the workshop for YOU!!!
                                                 Let the pulsating beats of the Soca music move
                                                     your BODY....while the meaningful words
                                                                      move your SOUL!!                                              



Come and take a trip to the Caribbean for a little bit..,and you'll see how dancing,
working out, and feeling GREAT can all be possible at the same time!

Let the music be your MOTIVATION!! 

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