Flawless Faces

Flawless Faces

“Flawless Faces” includes all of the essential Simply Natural products needed in your daily skin care regimen. These products will help with chronic/acute acne, troublesome breakouts, blackheads, healing and lightening dark spots, excessive oil production, and any other uncomfortable skin conditions. Love Lather and Feelin' Gr8 are for daily use, while Flo's Fab Facial Scrub can be used 2-3 times per week to keep the skin clean, exfoliated, and moisturized.
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    Flawless Faces package contains:

    (1) 8 oz Love Lather
    (1) 4 oz Flo’s Fabulous Facial Scrub
    (1) 4 oz Feelin Gr8! Holistic Healing Oil
    (1) 2 oz Body Butter (Choose Scent)


“Please check out these products! Great Stuff! Prices are perfect, great customer service, and you get your order quick!”

- Y. Z.

I need everything!! In BIGGER sizes!! Thank you so much for these wonderful products.

                                                      - S. S.

"I am a self professed product junkie. I have used all kinds of "natural products, but NONE work like these.  There is an energy in them that cannot be explained, I just feel great when I use them.  I'm addicted...and all my other products are going in the trash."

                                                                                                                                   - M.P.


“My locs were thinning badly and I was moments away from calling my barber...but then I called Nikki and ordered a package.  In less than a month, my locs are growing back thick and healthy!”

                                                         - A. D.

"I order 2 of everything so that I never run out!

 -  T.D.


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