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"Let's Get Going"

"Let's Get Going"

This package includes:
(1) 8oz Miracle Mist**
(1) 4oz Royal Body Butter
(1) 2oz Royal Oil
(1) 4 oz Love Lather

**Miracle Mist does NOT come with FRAGRANCE. It is naturally scented with essential oils.**
  • Details

    Choose ONE of Simply Natural's custom blended scents: Paradise, Tropical Sunrise, Starburst, Loving Light, Natural Mystic, Just So Fresh, Find Your Peace, Reminisce on A Spell, NRG, Divine Sunset or Natural Scent (Unscented). Please email any questions or concerns about all product and package information.

    **If you do not see a particular scent listed in the drop down menu, please choose "Natural/Unscented" and type in your selection in the message box below. All scents are listed on the Fragrances page**

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