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Mama Flows Formula

Mama Flows Formula

“Mama Flows Formula” Lactation Oil - Essential Fennel and Clary Sage oils can be very helpful to support the body to help maintain milk supply in nursing moms. This oil promotes healthy digestion, treats upset stomach and gas, and as it passes thru breast milk, helps the baby’s digestion. This Simply Natural oil combination can also help to relieve menstrual problems and balance the menstrual cycle.  Use Simply Natural Iya's Baby Buttah daily for nourishing dry/cracked skin and sore nipples.
  • Details

    4 oz Bottle Only
    Apply 2-3 drops on hands and massage breasts and around lymph area AFTER nursing or pumping. Do not apply directly to nipple. Use as Needed. Do not use for more than 10 consecutive days.
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